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Default re: Huffy Santa Fe Motorized Bicycle

In case anybody wants to build their own GPS, I got some links to sparkfun. For a display, I found a PDA on ebay, $600+ new $10.00 ebay. With all the smartphones out there, lots of these non phone type devices can be had real cheap. There are programs which run on these devices before they called them apps and a cheap navigation program is what I'm using. You just have to make sure whatever program you get is compatible with whatever device you find. The hardest part of it all was soldering some wires without hooking stuff up backwards.

Here are some links:
GPS: SparkFun Electronics - 20 Channel EM-406A SiRF III Receiver with Antenna

Serial Converter: SparkFun Electronics - RS232 Shifter SMD

Voltage Regulator: Adjustable step down switching voltage regulator

I also needed a null modem cable, a small 2 cell lipo battery, charger, balancer, connectors. It wasnt much, but it would have been cheaper to just buy a car navigation device in the end, but not as much fun. I also have to load my own maps and georeference them, but just like bikes electrons can be fun and I dont have to worry about some manufacturer charging me for maps.

I promise my next post will be bike motor kit build related.
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