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Hey my name is Rob, I am moving to the DC area soon. Hope to meet some motor bicycle enthusiasts! Pick up some ideas on custom builds. I have several custom projects going. One of which takes a standard trike, chops it, extends the frame by 2 feet, lowers it, lowers it tons, reinforces everything with a couple hundred bucks worth of steel, puts a mini bike seat with plush padding and a plush padded back on top. Then welds on a sprocket that is capable of a second larger sprocket sliding on and locking in next to it. Next the fork holding apparatus is cut off and welded back on flared, steeply out toward the front. The fork is extended by 3 feet, chopper style. OCC front wheel w/ disc brake welded on. Custom motor mount and exaust welded in place. Cup holder and 3 led headlights attached, 2 tail lights. Handlebars custom made. Man this thing rides like a dream! I will post pics in the non-introductory section later tonight!
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