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Default chain messed up

Well, I might not be able to fix a carburetor but I fixed my chain tonight. After working on my carburetor I took it out to see how it would run and when I let out on the clutch the back wheel locked up on me. It would not go forward or backward with the clutch in. So I held the back tire up by the seat and walked it home on the front wheel. I finally got brave enough to take the three screws off of the clutch plate and saw that the chain had doubled up in one spot. So I used a screwdriver to help it get a little more room then I used my hand and turned the tire until the kink came out. I was scared I would hurt it but I don't think I did. I think I might need to take a link (or 2) out.

Well for someone who's not mechanical this has been an exciting night. Now if I could only fix my carburetor... sigh

thanks for listening to me be happy about fixing my bike!
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