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Default Engine Always Starts, But No Power

Hi Everyone.

I have a "65"cc ThatsDax engine that stopped working the next day after a 50 mile trip (about 2 months ago). Someone from this forum, in their wisdom, advised me to tighten my clutch plate, after I reported that there was no apparent compression on the engine.

IT WORKED! I disengaged the clutch plate, turned the flower nut clowise one full rotation (as far as it would go by hand), and now the engine fires. Whoever helped me, thanks for your help! I'll look-up your handle when I have the chance.

Now, I have a new problem.

The engine now always starts when I want it to, but I can't get any power. When I turn the throttle handle, there is little, if any effect on the power. Upon inpsection of the throttle cable, it appeared to be loose (still trying to figure out why this cable started flopping-around). I retightened the cable, and it still doesn't give any power. (Shouldn't the throttle handle spring-back to low independently, without helping it). I removed the needdle/barrel assembly, reinstalled, and still no power boost. Just still get a very reliable start, with no power. I can hear/feel the needle changing position inside the carb while turning the throttle handle.

Do you think that I need to port my carb, like BaconTeeth did? I know that he clipped his needle to run more rich, but nothing happened until he re-ported the intake manifold. If this is probably the solution, then why did my engine run OK before the 50 miler?

Or am I still way off track?

While my bike was working before, it would start on the first try easily, but after the first cold start, it start only with a lot a difficulty (probably flooding, even without choking). It would be nice to be able to retain the reliable starting action that I now currently have, while also fixing the power issue.

I'm ready to mutilate, or "ream my carburator a new out-hole". Whatever it takes.

Thanks for your help.
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