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Default Re: Got a DWI on my bike a couple weeks ago!

Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
But wouldn't the horse have to be drunk too? In all honesty I think that would be one that a lawyer would have a field day with since as a RIDER of the horse you can't make one do anything that could cause it to knowingly injure itself. The few times I was on a horse I was never driving I was just along for the ride, the horse was in charge. lol

LOL Kev! My thoughts exactly. Their thinking is if your on their road..... busted. Had a buddy wake up from a coma to see 2 troopers putting a ticket at his feet for "Misuse of highway" He walked out between 2 parked cars drunk and got hit. Another friend, on a horse and sound asleep. I asked if the horse was wobbling. (Ya know, I think you could fight that. Clearly the horse knows the way home and if yer asleep, he/she is driving)

Paint, dang ya boy! stop weavin'!! we gonna get busted
worst apocalypse ever

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