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Default Re: Blow By U First Production Build Felt Twin

Hi Whizzerd
Thank you that was a much needed compliment the videos are a lot of work with very little to show for all my efforts it is really good to hear that some enjoy the videos. It takes lots of practice to talk and work at the same time LOL. I ordered my sprocket from MM back in November I am still waiting going to wait two more weeks and then I am going to cancel my order. I tried to cancel it a week ago but Carol said he was working on it right then I switched my order to a 44 tooth as an experimental sprocket it is my guess that the MP with the 49cc 4 stroke will not be enough horse power to push it very fast I will put my son on the MP and do a flat out speed test and we will see what kind of speed we can get out of it. The second sprocket is a 50 tooth witch is the best suited sprocket for the 4G. If I do in-fact have to cancel I am going to get a Grubee HD axle kit I will loose the 3 speed coaster hub but I can't wait any longer I am going to start selling custom sprockets for the Grubee HD Axle what ever size you want and color. Thank you once again Whizzerd
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