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Default Re: How to Bob the end off of a Cable w/o Spurring It

I've always fluxed and soldered cables too. I'd use fine sand paper on a block to whet the cable parallel so no solder was sticking above the strands. As a kid I was given an old 64 Opel wagon in the early eighties that had a clutch cable that was breaking. A replacement was I found a VW clutch cable for just a few bucks and cut it down to the same size. After greasing it a bit and installing it I pulled it tight and used a cable clamp to lock it to the clutch pedal.

That's when I proved to myself the merits of using this system for cutting cables. If you haven't done it yet do try it. You can buy these cheap Dremel
knockoffs for as little as $9 bucks at Harbor Freight etc nowdays. I cut the VW cable with a hack saw. Lately I've been getting these 4 & 6 inch disk that go on the small hand grinders. They are super thin and great for cutting sheet metal or cable.
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