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Default Re: :Question: lower crank bearing....

All other bearings and seals are in good shape, the lower end of the engine was free from any chunks of metal just good and oily, It looks as though one of the roller bearings made it to the top of the piston and was then pushed between the piston and the cylinder wall as the piston moved upward, so I figure based on what I see that the crank and the rod are toast.

I already have a new jug, piston, rings & gaskets, I have been debating the route I should go on this, I did find that BGF sells the entire lower engine unit minus jug piston,rings,head and gaskets for $49.00 + $15.00 shipping or I can spend $37.00 and just replace the crankshaft & rod assembly that piston bikes sells, the cheapest route is replacing the crank & rod, but I would have $89.00 tied up in the rebuild that way verses buying a NEW engine from BGF for $90.00 delivered to my front door, I would really like to keep my engine block because it is the block made for the large tube frame I have and I dont have to use a makeshift mount on the front like I would with the standard engine block.

Anyone know where I can get the crankshaft and rod any cheaper....?
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