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Default Re: Got a DWI on my bike a couple weeks ago!

Originally Posted by corgi1 View Post
don't get scared off by all the religious sounding stuff, read the Big Book ,first 164 pages covers what you will want to know

The book of Proverbs is well past the first 164 pages as well as many many good things. King James bible My friend.

I too for a time in my life thought I needed to drink. I do not drink what so ever and don't miss it a bit. I did some silly stuff and got lucky in my day no wrecks or DWI's And I deserved both. Just glad my habits were not severe enough. There were many times I should not have driven. My life without the boos is perfect. It never did me any favors. One terrible habit with no real good what so ever.

Good luck with your recovery !
Still gotta have a since of humor.