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Default Motor teardown nightmare

So after living with a bad top end vibration at about 32 mph that I could not get past (I'd hit the vibe point and the motor would bog down) I decided to try and balance my crank yesterday. The only thing that came apart the way it was supposed to was the front sprocket and the mag, once I got past those everything seemed to have been peened with a punch or something. I couldn't get the clutch puller threaded on because the threads on one side had a nice 1/4" dent in them so I ended up pulling the whole thing as a unit. Split the case and the bearings were stuck to the crank, you guessed it, both sides of the crank had peen marks on the ends of them from a punch. Somebody didn't want this engine to ever come apart!

A little work with some emery cloth got the bearings loose but I think I may have damaged one, there's a little annoying squeak coming from the engine now but I can't tell if it's the crank bearing or the clutch. Guess I'll keep my rides close to home for awhile if the motor decided to grenade itself.

On a good note though, the vibe now comes and goes around 25mph and now I can cruise around 35 with less vibration then I had at 30.
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