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Default Got a DWI on my bike a couple weeks ago!

I took off to drive a few streets up the block and got pulled over by the fuzz....He pulled me over becouse my lights were not on,or atleast that is why I think he pulled me over(I was wasted)....Well they halled me into the station and charged me with a DWI,man I am so mad at myself....They took my bike and put it in property(like were they keep your wallet and stuff)....I got out a couple days later(on bond) and there was no charge to get my bike out(I guess it wasent big enough to call a tow truck)I think they halled it in the truck of one of the cop cars....Well the next morning I went straight to rehap and stayed a couple of weeks and now im looking at mabe doing alot of prison time and I dont know if I will be able to ride my bike around the naborhood anymore becouse they know me now and will probley give me a hard time(I was a real ass to them,like I said I was wasted and mad they even messed with me)....In the state of texas you can get a DWI on a bicyle,lawnmower or anything else with wheels,I think that includes a unicyle lol....

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