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Default re: Why did I join this great Motorized Bicycle forum?

Why did i join this forum, you ask? i know somebody asked. or at least thought, "man, WTF is that bairdco guy doing here. what a jackass..."

i joined because i moved to Costa Mesa and was riding my skateboard to the store, and this loud, smoky, flat black piece of crap rode past me, and i was all, "hunh? what the heck was that?"

so i googled it and found this place. wait, that's not right. first, i looked on ebay and saw a semi-cool lookin' old schwinn with a motor for 800 bucks. i thought, "i have 800 bucks. that'd be cool to have."

then i googled it and found this place. and i found out that that old schwinn wasn't 800 dollars cool. it was more like 400 dollars cool. but i still didn't buy it. i made my own. then i made another. and another...

[sarcasm font] now, i stick around here just to make fun of people and show off how much cooler my bike's are than everyone else's.[/sarcasm font]

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