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Default Re: Chrome cleaning and derusting

Thanks for the tips guys. I definitely gotta look into NEVERDULL. There's Ace in my city and I hope they carry it here in Canada as some products that you guys get in the U.S. we don't here and vice versa.

As for clearcoating my only concern is adhesion unless I scuff the fender with some 600 grit sandpaper or something finer BUT then since you're not scuffing and clearcoating regular paint but chrome instead you'll be able to see the fine sandpaper marks/scratches on the chrome especially in direct sunlight wouldn't you?

While they're far from my favorite (rust never sleeps unless it's totally removed to bare metal) I've used rust neutralizers before on cars and they turn the rust dark/black in color which is fine but in my case the rust spots on the fender are so fine and finely speckled here and there and they clean up so well that I probably don't need to go that far once I decide what sort of protective coat to use (like the clearcoat) after I have the fender all cleaned.
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