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Default Re: my exhaust system. will it be ok?

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Simple is good.
All I suggest is that you use the existing pipe, then mount, tweak and add to the end of it all you want.

It is not the most efficient expansion chamber but it does function as at least your 2-stroke version of a 4-strokes exhaust valve via tuned back pressure.

Just attach your final pipe to the little end of the stock pipe is all.
But hey, your bike bud, just trying to help ;-}
hey. i got out riding it today. with the after muffler on it is very quiet and comfortable. it is decently powered. i accidentally knocked it off with my foot and i gained but loads of power. without the after muffler its every bit as powerful as my old 2 stroke with the stock exhaust was! but its loud. i dont want loud. i will be putting the after muffler back on. thanks for all the3 input guys!
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