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Default re: Why did I join this great Motorized Bicycle forum?

I had seen motorized bikes in the past, mostly the rack mount type. I have been into two wheeled motorized contrivances for about 40 years now. I was looking on ebay for something completely unrelated, and stumbled upon the dax listing.

Since you asked...... I joined this forum because the other place I was at booted me because I mentioned that they were very rude to newbs and that maybe the hobby would suffer for it.

Yes, that is all it took.

They were very classy about it.....a couple of them threatened me with violence! Afterwards the main mod *augidog* apologized to me because he was "bi-polar as all get out"....then let the ban stand.

I came to this site when I found out about it, and have been here for awhile now. I like to help and help shortcut the learning curve for others.

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