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Default Re: new engine..bogged out. new need help :)

Ok so yesterday morning I got the bike running on a new plug and new 24:1 gas...(from 32:1)... and by tightening down the carb fitting and the muffler... (no black gunk around the head either).

I ran it for a while and it seemed to be running great...I took it back in the house after riding, let it cooled, messed with some little cosmetic things and then went back out.. No start again..

I checked the plug and it was black and oily again.. NOT as black and oily as it had been with the 32:1 gas mix... Do i change to a 16:1? or is that a dangerous mixture..

I was going to get a new plug and mix some new gas just not sure if I have a gas problem or not.. This new engine has now had almost 2 tanks run through it.

also..i'm kinda a noob. how do you adjust the carb needle?
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