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Default Re: Need some help with monarch replica front susp.

Your still not quite right. Here is the stack up order. Shoulder bolt, swing arm, both big washers, fork leg, little washer, nylock. Also, the big washers that come with the forks are 1/2" on the I.D. and really need to be 7/16", and the 1/2" washers are too thick so the shoulder bolt cannot bottom on the shoulder. If the shoulder can't bottom out correctly then the fork locks up at the swing arms, rendering the forks without any spring action. As for that hub you have it will never work with these forks as the spoke flange width is too wide, causing the spokes to hit the nylocks. Standard cruiser width is 110mm or about 4 3/8". Monarks work at this width when the swing arms are properly flipped to the outside. You should find a different front wheel.
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