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Default Re: new engine..bogged out. new need help :)

check your head bolts, you might be losing compression. look around the head gasket and see if there's any black gunk coming out of it. DO NOT over torque them, DO NOT crank them down when the engine's hot, and DO NOT remove a spark plug on a hot engine (the threads might come out with it.)

24:1 is richer than 32:1, and that's what most people recommend for break-in, so it's safe. if it was running good at 32:1, i'd go back to that.

if your plug is still black and oily, you can try moving the clip on the needle up a notch.

black oily plugs will foul out and cause your engine to bog, hard to start, or not run at all.

also, clean out the sponge in your air filter. when your bike runs rich, the sponge fills up with oil and can't breathe.

a simple way to check if your clutch is slipping is like this:

with the lever pulled in, walk with your bike. it should roll free, with no drag except for the chain moving. if it drags or skids, then adjust the cable till it rolls free.

try the same thing without pulling the lever and the bike should skid. it shouldn't even roll and go "whump whump" at all with no weight on it (remember, you're walking alongside it.)

if the back wheel's rolling at all (besides a foot or so of play back and forth) without the lever pulled and you pushing the bike, you're clutch cable needs to be a little looser.

if it is skidding, pull the lever slowly and see where it starts to roll free. if just a tiny little squeeze makes it release, it might be too tight.
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