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Default Re: Need some help with monarch replica front susp.

Originally Posted by AslansMonkey View Post
Can you put the silver plates with the drop outs on the OUTSIDE of the forks? I can't tell from the photo but it looks like that might be possible.

You may also be able to widen things using a scissor jack, but again, it's not clear if this is possible from the photos.
I'm not sure you could even widen the fork legs enough, and they would be VERY spread out.

I tried putting the silver plates on the outside of the fork legs, but then the lock-nuts (on the inside) are too far in and the spokes hit them. The way the fork pins are constructed, they have a wider section for the washers and "arm" thingies, and a narrower section that passes through the fork leg. So the assembly has to me either inside or outside of the legs, but with the arms on the outside, the lock-nuts on the inside hit the spokes.

I don't have any experience building or modifying bikes, so I don't know if these wheels are wider than "normal". It seems like the forks just might not work on these wheels. I dunno.
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