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Default Re: Tanaka 32cc Nitromethane Experiment

for nitro try Morgan oil. if your close to a real speed shop you might be able to get pure nitro.
Klots used to sell nitro by the pint or quart.
some Go Kart shops sell it but don't know which ones to point you all to but you might try American Power Sports on line they sell all kind of things for racing/fun karts and minibikes very fun to look at catalog you can get from them as well and some of the things they sell can be used on your bikes.
I got my nitro pure form a electrical company line crew they would give me the pure nitro in plastic tubes that were used with ammonium nitrate to blast rock for power poles they always had the ammonium nitrate that had accidentally been opened up and had gotten wet and couldn't be used so they would toss it and keep the nitro just for us crazy kart racers to mix into the alcohol fuel. It was cheating but everyone cheated. Nitro would make the briggs scream and also cause thermonuclear meltdown got to run the engine slobbery rich as in unburned fuel going out the pipe at low rpms.
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