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Default new engine..bogged out. new need help :)

Hi everyone,

So this is my first build. It is an 80cc boygofast 2stroke. I assembled the bike and within minutes of having it gas'ed up I was zipping around the neighborhood no problem.
I ran a half a tank or more out on the first set of rides. Going a mile or so then back and stopping for a few minutes then start up and run another mile and repeat. All the while starting and running very smoothly. I did this for an hour or two and then stopped to make dinner. After dinner (an hour later) I could not for the life of me get the engine started. FINALLY after 30 minutes or more of pedalling and skidding to a stop the engine finally started. From that point on the engine was sounding bogged down, like the choke was on or something (it wasn't). I decided to take a longer ride because maybe it was a little flooded or something or maybe the engine needed breaking in so I drove it about 5 miles or more away from my house- keeping ok speeds, never full throttle, just easing on and off - trying to get the engine to clear up......after the 30 min ride or 5 miles the engine completely bogged down and shut off and hasn't started since.

When I got home and looked at it the plug had obviously been fouled. It was black and oily all around. The oil ratio I had been running was 32:1 (as the manual instructed for break-ins). There was gas and oil residue around the carb,plug, and muffler. I have cleaned the carb, and muffler off, replaced the spark plug ( which last night I connected and taped to the engine head to test for spark ---it IS sparking---) and drained/changed the gas and added in a lighter 24:1 (6oz oil-1gal).

but still no start I'm not sure how to adjust the needle on the carb if that is my problem, nor do I know how to check for a compression problem?

I did not know much at all about small engines or bikes before I did this build and joined this forum-- but I think I have checked out on the Fuel, and Fire .. ?

suggestions..comments.... Thanks alot!!
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