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Originally Posted by Alson View Post
I put some Valveline ワ2 stroke oil in my gas tank, shock it up good, and let it set over nite. The next day I looked at the new gas line and seen about a inch of oil at the bottom of the line, stuped me I tryed to start the engine, it almost started but then didnt. Drained all the gas out cleaned my carb with carb cleaner. Got cheap two stroke oil in a little bottle, bamb it started fine, we need a stablizer in the oil I found out. Dont know why the valiveane seperated like it did
No "we" don't need a stabilizer in the oil" "We" need to mix the oil in a gas can before "we" put it in the tank. Valvoline doesn't separate out once mixed, I have some in a can that is two months old and it is still mixed.
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