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well even if i wanted to build my bike i cant , the crank case i ordered doesn't fit my bike , stupid crappy engines , im just ordering a new one in a week or two , so until then i guess i wont be on , there isnt anything i can really do if the parts don't match up i took a 10 lbs. sledge hammer to the thing , saved the carb and other parts i wanted , that could still be used the crank is shot and the case , i was tempted to just give up but after putting in about 500$ in this thing i want to finish it and these engines arent perfectly good i know how to use tools (lathe metal and wood mig, tig , and arc welders cnc machines ect , i have big boy toys at my shop just some times i make simple mistakes , at least i don't come up with some BS excuse XD like my dad and grandfather , and yes lets continue with our (cheap Chinese) toys
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