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Default Re: Bodywork on the 9.4hp "SS" bike, photos and video

Originally Posted by Mobbin'Deep View Post
Ima give you my honest opinion because your a man and you can take it...

I think those covers are step in the right direction, and certainly hide the mess underneath...but the tank is killing you, that cafe tank on your website would do wonders for this bike... and something about the seat doesnt fit right either... i know im sounding like a dick, but i really just want this thing to look as good as it goes... and i know **** cost money, but youve already got so much invested in this thing, why not do it perfect...

I would love to see something like this...

it wouldnt be that hard to fab some sort of mount and tie it in with your covers. You got the right idea and cant wait to see this thing all done up.. peace
No worries, constructive criticism is good- and ya my goal is to get the tank and seat from the illustration I made on the bike.
The tank is proving harder to locate than I thought though. Been on ebay alot, but nothing has come up yet.

haha the bicycle seat is kinda goofy looking so a cafe seat is in order, I totally agree.

Thanks man
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