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Default Re: "Jenny Irene" So-far

I guess I didnt post this the other night. I used the scissors jack and widened it the 25 mm

After You can see by the marks on the ruler the distance.

The wheels came today. I put the cassette on, and realized that the wheels have skewers..therefore nowhere to mount the derailleur (it is a axle mount) I decided to put the skewer through the hole behind the axle mount hole through the hole used as a second attachment point to keep derailleur from moving ( I think) My guess was that this would put the derailleur off center and somehow not work at least not give me access to all gears. With the wheel mounted chain installed (for test fitting) I flipped it over and tried peddling through the gears. It wont hit the first or seventh gears. I am putting this up to derailleur being off center or the need to still adjust the derailleur. I am now trying to figure out how to add a second attachment point for the derailleur. to keep it from moving forward and back. I am thinking of giving it a shot with the welder at the dropouts. any suggestions here??


The rear disc brakes are due to arrive tomorrow.I can already see a problem with the skewer situation. At the least I will have to enlarge the disc brake adapter hole for the skewer to fit through

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