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Default Re: What gas is best?

Air cooled engines run better with a lower octane fuel. Even the old biplanes we used to fly in Arkansas(crop dusting) used only 87/88 octane. If your putting higher octane in you engine your wasting you time, no matter what anyone else says on this forum. Any airplane mechanic that works on air-cooled engines will tell you that. Some people think that just because you stick a CNS carb and an expansion chamber on your 2-stroke, that all of a sudden its a high performance engine, bull hockey. its still a minimal HP engine, its still has no fuel injector system to handle high octane fuel, therefore you've wasted your money putting a high octane fuel. Two Cents.

P.S. good oil makes for a cleaner engine, also use a little castor(1oz per gallon) and you'll be putting down the road a lot happier, put your money into a good synthetic oil, not gas.
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