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Default Re: Removing rear cassette off rim

Originally Posted by AslansMonkey View Post
The Axel bearings should be reachable even with the cassette on simply by removing the axel itself. The cassette can be removed using a special tool set which will cost you a bit more than $5. It doesn't need to be greased very often so I'd just have the bike shop do it if I were you.
Not on mine. I already tried. If you remove the axle the bearings and bearing cup don't have enough clearance because of the cassette to actually come out so you can't grease them. You can only grease the bearings on the other side opposite the cassette. I know on a couple of the newer rear wheel designs that I looked at the bearings are accessible from both sides with the cassette on but the wheel I'm using is from an early 90's mountain bike. Also I feel that if the tool is not too expensive (let's say $10-20 range) it will pay for itself 'cause I can use it for my future builds as well.
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.

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