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Default Re: New to the forum

i posted my rude little coment because the first post of your thread was about how much experience you have, which is impressive, at such a young age, yet the rest of your posts are about how you turned a perfectly good (and simple) engine into a doorstop.

you don't seem to have any working knowledge of tools, are confused about the nature of parts (venturis, as an example) and you're spending more time breaking things than building them.

which, in itself is fine. it's a comedy of errors, and it's not what bothered me enough to heckle you.

but statements like these is what made me want to humble you a bit:

"... if you cant figure it out then maybe you shouldnt be playing with these engines..."


"...but i've always upgraded things to the fullest , since these engines aren't even made correctly I,m remaking it , in a way as close to properly as i can , i've always done this and it works for my planes and other projects , in my eyes i'm doing it right the first time..."

if you want to be a know-it-all, great. but wait till you can back it up with results.

y'know. like me...

p.s. i really hope you figure it out and learn something. i'm not trying to dash a kid's dreams, and i don't think i have that power, so just keep at it. at least if you keep breaking stuff before it's even run, then when things break by natural causes, you'll already know how to fix them.

pps. Salty, dude, i said i was sorry.
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