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Default Re: New to the forum

If someone makes a snarky comment you don't like - and you choose to make a snarky comment yourself instead of simply ignoring it, replying in a mature fashion or just reporting it to staff, you're just as bad.

What you're doing here is turning a minor issue into a major public spectacle, one mildly rude comment questioning the authenticity of a claim into a public crucifixion based on unrelated incidents which in all likelihood escalated exactly as this one is.

If you have a problem with someone - ignoring them is by far the easiest thing to do, PMing them to see what's up the mature thing to do, reporting them to staff is the proper thing to do.

Everything else is childish hypocrisy that just makes the problem you're complaining about worse - which is exactly why we sometimes pull posts like these.

Let's jus' continue to babble about our toys and move on.
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