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Default Re: What My Local Bike Shop Thinks....

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
I live in a small town of a little over 18,000 so we only have one bike shop, I had been going in the shop and picking up odds & ends for a while before I even told the guy what I was getting the stuff for, so I made it a point to create a friendly relationship with the owner before he ever knew about the motorized bikes he was helping me build, I called him asking about the heavy duty 1/2" X 3/16" chain and when he said he had some, I just hopped on my old USA built roadmaster mountain bike and made that 8 or so mile trip to town to pick it up and this is when he saw what he had been indirectly helping me do, he looked real hard at my bike and then just smiled real big and shook his head as he spouted several positive comments about it and commented on the stuff on the bike that he knew I had bought from him, I wanted this guy to know me before he met the bike, I figured he would take the bike better if he already thought good of me and seen me as a good customer, I had a plan to win over my local guy before I ever showed him what I was up too and in this case it seems to have worked out very well.

I went into my local bike shop (We only have one) the other day and was asking around about a motorized bike i had seen there.. he told me that he actually had two. One was his project and the other was from a kid that trashed the bottom bracket. Whilst in there i noticed he was working by himself and ha a shop slam full of bikes... So i asked him if he needed some help. He said he couldnt afford it, so i offered to work for free.. *I know, impossible sounding right* He said he would consider it and i left for the day.. I went in the next day to buy an innertube and look at the bike again. I asked him if he considered it and he said he did, but said no thanks.. So i went back into the shop to look at the bike, and 20 min later he had me turning wrenches and fixing bikes... So instead of working for free he said he would let me work off the bike... And now ladies and gents, that bike is mine! He said i needed a new wheel set so i will order one and i should be on the road tomorrow... You never know what you can find at your local bike store!
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