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Originally Posted by Vfalpha-1 View Post
tell me Baird did you build an ultralight helicopter in your garage at age 10? our aircraft engines aren't ,made like cheap Chinese toys they are already ported and balanced , i can build aircraft in my sleep but i have never NEEDED to port an engine so I wasn't sure exactly how to do it , however i managed to balance my crank with a wood stand and metal flooring strips , and double checked it in my shop If i was you i wouldn't worry about getting on the plane I'd be worried about it crashing on you both are equally as dangerous as the other . Stupid ups delayed my package , it SHOULD be here tomorrow. It's only 15 miles away.

Bairdco is pretty much an a$$ huh ?....he always has been........dissed me on my deafness.....everyone here who knows me......knows I'm deaf.....but Bairdco....took it upon ask me how my motor sounded.....WTF >....he thinks he's all that....meh.......take the good with the bad.....with LARGE grains of salt.....I'm sure this post of mine is going to be yanked.....but Bairdco has consistently proven himself to be said a$$.....look through his posts.....I really don't care if I get censored .....everyone else here is aware........


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