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Default Re: What My Local Bike Shop Thinks....

a few weeks ago i got the ultimate compliment from a hardcore spandexter after him and his buddies caught up to me at a light on PCH.

he said "that's the first bike i've seen that's done right..."

i told him he was the first road biker to give me a compliment.

as far as bike stores go around here, the guy at the oldtimey shop in Newport Beach said i ruined my Colson, one shop down the street just wants me to keep buying innertubes, headsets and bottom brackets, and that's about all they're good for, the other shop goes out of their way to ignore me and has a huge selection of Nirve cruisers, yet no tools, tires, tubes, or parts for them, and the other shop caters to the weekend spandex crowd and thinks everyone who actually rides anything for fun is doing it wrong.

seems like my "real" bike shop is the swap meet and ebay.
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