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Default Re: The inside of my thrashed 66cc engine

Originally Posted by corgi1 View Post
I haven't blown one of these in paticular,but I can tell you from your discription and pic that is no longer a rod,the case may be good
The rod and the crankshaft are still intact, the pics make the lower part of the engine look worse than it actually is because of lighting and the fact that it is so dirty looking with the oil and the small Aluminum fragments that came from the scored cylinder and piston sitting on top of the crank area seen in the pic, my main concern with the motor is the up & down slack that I can feel when I hold the connecting rod between my fingers and move it up & down, I can feel some slack in it which seems to be movement between the rod and the roller bearings themselves, I would estimate it to be maybe .010 + or - a little.

I am looking for someone who can tell me if this is normal for these motors or if it should have very minimal movement, the slack between these 2 points has me concerned more than anything else right now.
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