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Question The inside of my thrashed 66cc engine

Here are some pics of what I found today when I removed the head and jug from my #2 bike, the pics are not the best so I got a new camera and it isnt that good I guess, but anyway I think you can see well enough to tell what I'm dealing with here, I have a new piston, rings, cylinder and gaskets, but I can see that iI will need to pull this one all the way down and do a very good cleaning before I even think about putting it back together.

I have not been into one of these engines yet so I'm not sure of the order I will need to take it apart, I know I will have to use my little puller for these engines to get the drive sprocket off, but ther is a question I have for anyone that has rebuilt one of these little engines.

:My Question:
The rod bearing in this engine has got what seems to me to be a farely good amount of up and down play in it, and as I hope you can tell in one of the pics, the roller bearings between the Rod the Crankshaft have maybe a 1/4" gap between them as if there are a couple of rollers missing, this just doesnt seem to be right and I would like someone who knows about this to let me know if the rod should have this up and down slack and if it is normal to have this amount of spacing between the rollers.

I'm asking for someone with for sure knowledge on this to answer my question, I'm not looking for opinions from those who have not had experience with these motors, Thank You, I do not mean to offend but I need to know what I'm dealing with here I want to get this thing right when I go back together with it.
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