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Default Re: massachusetts looking for advice

Originally Posted by jlskull View Post
hi,not very forum getting ready to build first bike.2 stroke. need help as to whos are most reliable,what sites and dealers have proven themselves reliable.whose build kits are best.slanted head or strait,stinger or skyhawk and a good m/w and mechanic,so realize and am able and tooled to do reasonable mods i.e tentioners,clamps and such ,but looking for best first kit and engine so as to learn myself.mostly would like to make a couple good exp contacts to talk to directly.don't have a lot of time for forums am john jlsull at the smily mail
Hi and Welcome jlskull;192000
I just dropped in to say that if I can ever help you with anything just let me know and if you have any questions please ask me I am known for my informative how to videos and my website is full of the same kind of videos as well good luck and enjoy the forum
Cheers from Blow By U
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