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Default Re: What My Local Bike Shop Thinks....

I took a ride around the lake the other day. Watched the fish jump and smelling the flowers just having a good time by myself When I glanced in my mirror I seen them coming, the whole pontoon...riders in spandex Being an ornery old cuss I just swung into the middle of the lane to see what happened. They passed me on both sides. Some of them looked up at me and others just gave me dirty looks. Passed me up like I was sitting still. I chased them down and rode behind the pack for a little bit. I knew I could take them so I kicked it up and passed them till I got to the leader I pulled up along side of him blowing gas fumes back on the rest of the pack he looked straight at me and I asked Hey Bud can I bum a smoke? You shoulda seen the look I got. KIcked it wide open and left them behind me. I said I was ornery.
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