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Default Re: Just finished my first Build!

there are a large variety of brake options available. I use caliper brakes, which are a step up from just a coaster, but they really don't give full on stopping power needed when you have to brake hard. A lot of people say the newer style V brakes are good, and there are a ton who use front disc brakes and rear band brakes as well. It's a matter of cost and what'll fit on your bike.

I don't monkey with the clip, period. Unless you're at high altitude, there shouldn't be much need for altering that part of the set up. You might be running too rich a mix. A lot of these kit instructions are pretty craptacular when it comes to ratios and oil, particularly since some of the instruction kits are transcribed from a period before 2 stroke oils were available. I personally use Opti-2 on all my builds and haven't had a single issue. It can be found @ any ace hardware store and 1 packet to one gallon of gas (i always use premium) works for ALL 2 stroke applications. no need for busting out the measuring cups or calculators. It might be backfiring and sounding crappy b/c it's gummed up from the density of the mix you're trying to push through it.

There is a TON of help on here from a lot of posts, and you'll probably find 99.9% of your issues have been covered here if you use the search toolbar at the top o' the page..
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