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Default Re: water in the cdi and clutch wear issues

The CDI is less susceptible to water than the magneto, under the left front side cover. If the bike was sitting out in the rain, or was ridden in the rain, you probably got the mag wet. You might be able to dry it out, if you're lucky. Whether you have to replace the mag or not, use some good sealant on that mag cover, and in the wiring grommet, to keep the water out next time.

Clutch cables can like to stretch a bit, so you might need to adjust early on. There's a flower nut that holds the clutch plate on, and turning it will adjust the travel of the plate away from the ring gear - but that generally doesn't need adjusting. There might be gunk on the clutch pads (inside the ring gear), but being new, I'm not sure about that. If you do take the right side cover off to look at this stuff, put a dab of grease in between the ring gear and the small drive gear, and make sure the bolt that holds the small gear on is snug, not rattling loose. (Some people put blue loctite on that bolt.)
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