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Talking water in the cdi and clutch wear issues

First let me introduce myself I stumbled on your web forums as soon as I started looking at building a motor bike. I have build my first one and managed to do it in about 3 hours. I used to be a Subaru mechanic. The 2 issues ive come across so far and the first im am only guessing at but it seems water is able to get into the CDI at the plug wire, the reason I say this is I put the bike together it ran no issues then on the same day it rained. Once it was done raining I went out to ride the bike some more and I couldnt get it to run. My thoughts were since that CDI plug wire port is facing up water got in and shorted the spark from the plug. I was thinking that once I dry it out I could silicone it and that should fix it. If you have had this and found the solution let me know.
The next issue is the clutch the only adjustment I can find is basicly tension of the cable. Though it seems that it needed three adjustments and still wants to slip especially when popping the clutch not really while riding with motor power. I was just curioous if there was a secondary adjustment under the clutch cover.

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