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Default Re: motorized bike version 2.0

Originally Posted by locell View Post
I built a motorized bike at the beginning of this year, basically I ordered the 49cc kit and figured id just bolt it on a bike and check it out. it worked out really well. I got a 26" cruiser low-rider bike from a friend and it turned out really cool. the first pic of the blue bike is it. While riding this one i noticed a few things I wished we different.

1 - the brakes sucked, i needed something else other than the coaster.
2 - it was a bicycle, rather fragile at 30 mph I actually had to come to a sudden stop with the coaster brake and bent the back axle.
3 - no suspension. this made the ride pretty uncomfortable. I thought about a "springer" style fork but those dont dampen properly, just change the angle

so I came up with good brazed steel huffy frame with small diameter tubing and stripped it all down and painted it caterpillar yellow with krylon "farm and implement" spray cans, put a threadless head set in it, installed a suspension fork with front disc wheel. (got off craigslist for 20 bucks).

found some kenda "redwall" tires on amazon. I haven't bolted the motor up yet, but im just making sure the bicycle is solid before I do. Im also building a back wheel with the HD axle kit from

comments welcome!
ok, I got my back wheel done. its the HD axle kit non-freewheel (it actually is freewheel but only because I put on a freewheel thread-on sprocket) I had the built by Jermey at I gave him the axle kit and he laced it into a wheel and tied & sodered the spokes. its a old school method to make a strong wheel. it cost me about 150 bucks. i had to spread the frame apart too to get the wheel to fit. i used some allthread to spread it out. the pics explain all
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