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Default Chain and master link questions

I started my first build a few days ago and have lots of newbie questions. I started to insall a Flying Horse 66cc engine on a 7 speed cruiser, then switched to a single speed lowrider with coaster brakes because there was to many levers on the handlebars. I had already cut the chain to fit the first bike and no bicycle or motorcycle shop near me has 415H chain or master links! I went to the hardware store and got a package of 41 size master links, they looked close to the same size but it jammed in the engine case. I don't wan't to grind the case for clearance since it hasn't even been started yet. Then I found a chain repair kit at Walmart for $4.96 and tried it, the chain won't fit in the breaker. I have enough chain left to make it fit if I could find a breaker that fits the chain. Has anyone lenghtened a chain using this method? Also are all 415H master links 3/16'' wide, I'm going to have to order some extras anyway.
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