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Unhappy Hmm should I?

I've noticed some oil leaking from around the spark plug and never thought much of it until my clutch finally got quieter. That's when I noticed an odd sound from the engine every now and then. It was like a hissing, sucking, pop that you could barely notice. I checked all the usual air leak suspects and found nothing so I decided it had to be the plug. I went and got a cheap plug to rob of its gasket since the only parts store in town doesn't carry a plug that will work in the little china girls. I then swapped the gaskets and took it for a test ride and everything seemed ok for a few blocks. Then the sound came back. After it cooled I examined the plug gasket and noticed it wasn't flat. IMG0067A.jpg
Yes I know my pics suck but I never saw the need for a camera other than my phone tell now.
I put the plug in without a gasket and found this IMG0069A.jpg IMG0070A.jpg

Now I can't decide if I should try to level it out myself since I don't want to wait 2 weeks or if I should wait for Zoom/Powerking to get back to me about a replacement since it's not even a month old. I would just buy a new one since there so cheap but I can't seem to find a 49cc slant head at any of the sponsors here that sell Flying Horse kits and am not sure if any others would fit properly. Now I sit and debate if I should try to grind it down so the plug sits level using the flat side of a Dremal cutoff wheel or go without wheels for a couple weeks. That's if Zoom even has one to replace it with or sell me.
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