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Default Re: What My Local Bike Shop Thinks....

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Well, I made a 8.5 mile trip into town to my local bike shop today "The Bike Peddler" in Brownwood, Texas, I was needing a 415 chain and he had told me over the phone that he had a couple of them, they are KMC 415H chains and look to be very good quality, it cost me $19.95, but hey ...I got it right now instead of waiting a week to save 2 or 3 bucks, anyway, he actually got excited when he saw my bike and wanted to know everything I had done to it, and when other customers would come into the shop he would ask if they saw it sitting out side and would take them out to see it, there was only one guy that was not very impressed or at least he acted that way, he had just returned from a 52mile bike ride and I think he is just a bike purist and thinks a bike with a motor is an insult to people like himself in some way or another, but the bike shop owner was even giving me his own ideas about how I could change some things to make them stronger, he told me that he would like to set me up with a disc brake hub for the rear so I could eliminate the rag joint and have a stronger set up for my sprocket, I know this would put money in his pocket but he was really having fun with it and really liked what I had done to the old Made in the USA RoadMaster Mountain bike, he suggested that in the future I let him sell me a higher quality bike to put my motors on because---
"he didnt want to see me have one of the cheap bikes come apart on me and leave me laying in the road with a cheap spoke up my *ss"

I'm happy he is so cool with it, because now I know he will take care of me when I need parts or some wheel work done.

He had a very sweet Giant Suede Bike I would really like to have a motor and jackshaft on, maybe my next project....!

Just wanted to share my little trip with everyone, it turned out great.

Happy Riding everyone.....!

Pretty cool that you have a supportive bike shop to go to. Wish we all had one.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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