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Default Re: What My Local Bike Shop Thinks....

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
...I'm not a long distance rider anymore and when I was as a young person there was no such thing as spandex, so it is something I really don't understand. What makes it good for long distance riding? Just curious.
It breathes like no other article of clothing. It wicks the moisture away from your skin and allows it to cool your body down better. It fits tightly so nothing can get caught on your bike. There are no seams to be sat on and rub your butt raw and there is a chamois to provide a little extra padding. For winter riding there is nothing that can keep me warm yet still let me ride as fast as I do.

Spandex may look crazy but it is the most sane thing a person can wear when riding the way I do. Would I wear it on my motor bike, **** no. It's not made for that kind of ride.
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