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Default Re: I need your guys' 2 cents on durability/ longevity issues on HT motors and.....

Originally Posted by 2door View Post

Do Not Overtorque them and if you want to use LocTite, use only the blue lable stuff, never the red.

Snug things down until the lockwashers are flat then just a little, very little more then STOP. Do not tighten after every ride! Do not try to get a turn or partial turn on the fasteners after they have been tightened intially.

One of the biggest mistakes that plague the new builder is overtightening or constant retightening of fasteners which results in failure of the fasteners.

As for your proposed modifications and upgrades; get the bike running well without them first then you can look for improvements. Master the basics first and you'll be money and time ahead before moving into the advanced stuff.
Thanks for the input: Part of my problem i have to admit was over tightening. I was using the red stuff because it's what my roomates use on their cars. Going to pick up the blue.

As far as getting down the basics, I've gotten my bike other bike to purr like a kitten and run like a champ. I think my problem of trying to over due "a perfect job" lead me to foul up this last build.
I brought up the pipe and the shift kit because without a doubt, they're going on. I mention this because I just wanted to see if there are any special concerns or particular things to pay attention too when putting them on that come to your mind. (Mainly more so the shift kit). Just want to be prepared that's all.

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