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Default Re: After a crash, replacement parts needed. PICS

just figured I'd stop in and say you're not alone... I had my first incident with a pothole today (actually, with two, one right after the other) on my Cranbrook... bent the heck out of my front wheel, but I managed to stay on and tried to limp it home... Then the front tire blew out on the exit ramp going to base at about 25mph. SCARY, but I managed to grab a hand full of rear brake and put my Flintstone brakes to good use, and managed to stop. The front wheel of my old Mongoose now resides on the front... the front shocks might go on soon. I just remember that the only thing that went through my head when the tube blew was "Oh %#^$, I'm wearing a wifebeater. Don't hit the guardrail, don't hit the guardrail, don't hit the guardrail..."
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