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Default Re: I need your guys' 2 cents on durability/ longevity issues on HT motors and.....

Yes, I know, it's hard to cut and work with but it is not the best material for fasteners.
Go with a grade five or grade eight Allen head capscrews to replace the studs and nuts. Do Not Overtorque them and if you want to use LocTite, use only the blue lable stuff, never the red. Thread locking compound is not necessary if you install and tighten correctly. Snug things down until the lockwashers are flat then just a little, very little more then STOP. Do not tighten after every ride! Do not try to get a turn or partial turn on the fasteners after they have been tightened intially.
One of the biggest mistakes that plague the new builder is overtightening or constant retightening of fasteners which results in failure of the fasteners. Even the kit supplied fasteners (studs & nuts) will work just fine if you keep the wrench in the tool box and away from them.
As for your proposed modifications and upgrades; get the bike running well without them first then you can look for improvements. Master the basics first and you'll be money and time ahead before moving into the advanced stuff.
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