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Default Re: I wish I could build one of these

In our High school auto shop we built a electric car...We used a 1979 Honda Civic donated by a junk yard. We used a motor out of a old fork lift from the school that they said did not work anymore.

My Uncle before he retired had a machine shop (FDI Machine) and he built us a adapter to go from the motor to the stock 5 speed. Got some battery's from Pep Boy's

Don't remember all we did but it was very simple...Top speed I think was around 35mph. We entered into a electric car competition at PIR raceway.
We where competing against a few college's.We did not win and I think we place in 9th place. We got just over 92miles before it went dead.

A news channel from Tucson and Phoenix did a story about it...I have somewhere the article from the newspaper if I could find it I will scan it and post it.
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