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Default I need your guys' 2 cents on durability/longevity issues on HT bicycle motors and...

..making them last!

So just as I thought I was out of the woods in regards to working every technical issue on getting my second build to run, I got her going and the one of the studs used to mount the back of the motor to the seat post tube on the bike cracked in the block. After working diligently for an entire day to get her to this point and having that happen, somebody give me a "bro hug" and tell me things will be okay.

Replacing the studs was always on the back of my mind but, just never got around to it. Boy do I regret that.

SO......I'm planning on just getting a new base, cyclinder, and piston rings. I'm gonna port and polish it myself because well, it sucks riding a motor without the preparation of porting.

MY QUESTION IS: Even if I am to replace the studs, with stainless steel ones, lock tight the crap out of them,and order all new gaskets WHAT OTHER THINGS CAN I DO FOR MY MOTOR to ensure that I'm not working on my ride EVERYDAY and ensure that it lives a LONG happy life? Are there any other concerns that I should address as well? (ie. things to consider about the crankshaft and flywheel etc.) BTW, I also have the SBP expansion chamber and am planning on picking up their shift kit.

I really want this rebuild to go flawless so all your collective expertise is very much appreciated. At the same time, I hope your answers will help other readers and lurkers build the most efficiant bike possible so that they don't encounter the pitfalls I have.

Thanks Guys.


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