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Default Re: Well looks like I trashed a motor today

Originally Posted by nhssdf4 View Post
If you can, could you take some pictures so i could see what mine shouldnt look like.. Good Luck!
Hey No problem I will document the carnage as I get into it, I just hope you have a strong stomache because I'm afraid it may get a little ugly in there, busted, gaulded, guts everywhere, dripping with BLUE oily gunk.....!LOL........!

I had a feeling this motor was gonna hand grenade on me because of the serious power loss do to the fact that it had been seized once before, It was my fault, I ran it wide open on a 70:1 mix for about 1 1/2 miles when it only had maybe 20-30 miles on it, just pushed it to hard to quick, I just hope nothing in the bottom gave it up because the lower end of this motor is much better balanced than the motor on my other bike, it never numbed my hands even at max. RPM's, that was very nice.

Ride safe always
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